Welcome to Singapore’s First VR Theme Park in Sentosa!

Welcome to Singapore’s First VR Theme Park in Sentosa!

The VR PLAY ZONE, featuring 8 themed Virtual Reality (VR) experiences such as thrilling rides and interactive shooting games.

Action VR

There are 2 immersive games which you can choose from: Fruit Ninja or Pistol Whip.

Fruit Ninja is fun and recommended to children where you slice as many fruits that are thrown into the air by swiping, and must not slice bombs. Pistol Whip is an action-rhythm game where film-inspired gunplay and blood-pumping beats collide.
(Max. 2 players)

Zombie Busters 

Level up by successfully shooting the zombies and completing each stage to survive the zombie apocalypse. You will face off against the Muscler Zombie at the final stage.
(Max. 2 players)


As a special agent, you must sneak into the enemy-occupied skyscraper to shoot robots with the gun and neutralize the explosive.
(Max. 1 player)

Beat Saber

A unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small cubes) as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match.
(Max. 2 players)

Extreme Train

You can enjoy the magical travel along the sky rail from the ground to the treasure island, high up in the sky. Catch sights of the forest, bats, dinosaurs and even Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.
(Max. 4 players)

Jungle Rafting

You will experience various obstacles, such as rapid descent from the waterfall and passing through the gigantic dinosaurs in a Dinosaur World.
(Max. 4 players)

Storm Blizzard

Imagine in the snowy country village in mid-winter, after receiving a rescue call, you and your team are ready to get onto a dog sled for a rescue mission.
(Max. 4 players)

Jump Jump

You can experience the jungle! Jump from tree to tree like Tarzan and meet the animals of the jungle while enjoying various jungle scenery.
(Max. 1 player & Max. 80kg)